NIA Arrests Alleged ISIS Conspirator at Delhi Airport

 NIA Arrests Alleged ISIS Conspirator at Delhi Airport

 Key ISIS Operative Arafath Ali Apprehended After 3 Years on the Run

In a significant development, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) apprehended Arafath Ali, a key conspirator associated with the Islamic State (ISIS), at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport upon his arrival from Nairobi, Kenya. Ali had been evading authorities since 2020 and had been actively involved in promoting the anti-India agenda of the banned terrorist organization from abroad.

**Background and Past Records:**

Arafath Ali, a resident of Shivamogga in Karnataka, was allegedly engaged in various activities aimed at advancing the ISIS’s extremist ideology. His involvement included the identification, radicalization, and recruitment of vulnerable Muslim youth into the ranks of the ISIS, all while operating from foreign shores.

Ali’s journey began in Thirthahalli, a town in Shivamogga, where he completed a diploma in electronics at Sahyadri Polytechnic College. Interestingly, his father, Ahmed Bava, runs a betel shop in close proximity to a local hotel. However, Ali’s path took a sinister turn as he moved to Dubai.

**Links to Terror Conspiracies:**

The implications of Ali’s actions became more apparent in connection with the Shivamogga terror conspiracy. One of the accused in this case, Mohamed Shariq, was allegedly en route to plant a pressure cooker bomb at the Kadri Manjunatha Temple in Mangaluru when the explosive device accidentally detonated inside an auto-rickshaw.

Arafath Ali is suspected of providing financial support to Mohammed Shariq for carrying out acts of terror. Money transfers from Ali to Shariq occurred on multiple occasions, according to NIA findings.

Furthermore, Arafath Ali maintained regular communication with other accused individuals involved in the conspiracy and actively participated in its planning and execution.

**Involvement in Graffiti Incidents:**

The NIA investigation also revealed Arafath Ali’s involvement in two graffiti cases in Mangaluru in 2020. At his behest, accused individuals Mohamed Shariq and Maaz Muneer Ahmed defaced walls with provocative slogans, including one that read, “Don’t force us to Invite Lashkar-e-Taiba and Taliban to deal with Sanghis and Manvedis #Lashkar Zindabad.”

Arafath Ali’s arrest is a significant milestone in the fight against terrorism, underscoring the importance of international cooperation in combating extremist elements and safeguarding national security.

This development serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to thwart terrorism and maintain peace and security in the country.

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