“Astrological Influence on Indian Football Team Selection: A Controversial Revelation”

 “Astrological Influence on Indian Football Team Selection: A Controversial Revelation”


In a shocking revelation that has sent shockwaves through the Indian sporting community, it has come to light that the composition of the Indian national football team was determined, at least in part, by the guidance of an astrologer. Head coach Igor Stimac allegedly consulted this astrologer for player selection based on astrological recommendations. This unprecedented move, which took place last year, has raised questions about the influence of astrology in the world of professional sports.

**The Astrological Selection Process**

It is reported that head coach Igor Stimac sought the assistance of an astrologer after concerns arose about the Indian team’s chances of qualifying for the Asian Cup. The astrologer was tasked with analyzing players’ data and providing recommendations on which players should be included in the squad for specific matches and who should be avoided on particular days. The coach’s interaction with the astrologer was facilitated by Kushal Das, the General Secretary of the All India Football Federation.

The astrologer’s responses to Stimac’s player list varied from “good” and “can do very well but needs to avoid overconfidence” to “a below-average day” and “not recommended for the day.” These recommendations extended beyond player selection, as they also encompassed injury news and substitution strategies, further emphasizing the astrologer’s influence.

**Extensive Communication**

According to reports, approximately 100 messages were exchanged between Igor Stimac and the astrologer during May and June of the previous year. During this period, the Indian team participated in a friendly match against Jordan and three Asian Cup qualifiers against Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Hong Kong. These exchanges were not limited to player selection but included various aspects of team management.

One message from Stimac to the astrologer read, “Hi dear Bhupesh, it was a pleasure meeting you and discussing future work! I would kindly ask you to provide an opinion on the following players.”

**Kushal Das’ Involvement**

Kushal Das, who played a pivotal role in connecting Stimac with the astrologer, admitted to his involvement in the unusual selection process. He explained that he introduced Stimac to the astrologer, Mr. Sharma, who had previously worked with telecom companies and Bollywood personalities. Das stated that the astrologer presented the idea that astrological timings and players’ current phases could influence decision-making and motivation.

**The Cost of Astrological Assistance**

The astrologer was reportedly paid between INR 12-15 lakh for his services over a two-month period. This revelation raises questions about the allocation of funds in the sports industry and whether such expenditures are justifiable in the quest for success on the field.


The Indian football community is left in a state of bewilderment and curiosity after learning about the astrologer’s involvement in team selection. This unprecedented move has ignited debates about the role of astrology in professional sports and whether it has a place alongside traditional scouting and data-driven approaches. As the Indian football team continues its journey, the controversy surrounding this astrological influence is sure to persist, leaving fans and pundits divided on its impact on the team’s performance.

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