NSG Prepares to Safeguard G20 Summit Against Threats

NSG Prepares to Safeguard G20 Summit Against Threats

As the G20 Summit approaches, India’s elite counter-terror force, the National Security Guard (NSG), is stepping up its readiness to tackle various contingencies and potential threats, including Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) attacks. Led by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), the NSG will play a pivotal role in ensuring security during the event.

**Comprehensive Expertise Deployed:**

The NSG’s capabilities encompass a wide spectrum of skills, and these will be put to use by the MHA to ensure the safety of the G20 Summit. Working in close coordination with Delhi Police and other security agencies, the NSG will handle tasks such as countering terrorism, preventing sabotage, neutralizing drone threats, and addressing CBRN emergencies.

**Anti-Terror Teams and Snipers:**

To fortify the security landscape, the NSG will station specialized teams called House Intervention Teams (HITs) and sniper units strategically. These teams will be ready to swiftly respond to any potential terror situations that might arise at important locations or venues where top Heads of States will be present.

**Anti-Sabotage Measures:**

The NSG’s bomb disposal squads are gearing up to ensure the safety of all G20 venues. They will conduct thorough anti-sabotage checks, using advanced equipment like Remotely Operated Vehicles and Total Containment Vehicles to safely handle any potential bomb threats.

**Anti-Drone Measures and Collaboration:**

Given the growing concern over drone threats, the NSG will deploy anti-drone teams in collaboration with the Air Force. This multi-agency approach aims to effectively counter and mitigate any potential drone-related risks that could jeopardize the security of the summit.

**Integrated Efforts with Other Forces:**

The NSG’s involvement is well-integrated into the overall security plans for the G20 Summit. The Delhi Police and other security agencies are collaborating to ensure that the NSG’s expertise is optimally utilized. This collaborative effort includes positioning teams at strategic locations to ensure swift response to various threats.

**CBRN Expertise and International Cooperation:**

The NSG’s expertise in handling CBRN situations was demonstrated earlier this year during a joint exercise with US forces. This preparation is particularly relevant in light of global incidents involving chemical attacks, highlighting the importance of preparedness and international cooperation in tackling such threats.

**Swift Response and High-Rise Situations:**

To handle emergencies in high-rise buildings, aerial insertion teams from the NSG will be stationed during the summit. These teams will ensure rapid response and entry to high-rise structures in case of terror threats.

In conclusion, the NSG’s deployment and readiness underscore the meticulous security measures being taken to safeguard the G20 Summit. With a range of capabilities, from countering terrorism to handling CBRN threats and drone risks, the NSG stands prepared to ensure a secure environment for this significant international event.

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