Hassle-free Money Transfer from USA to India with Money2India

Hassle-free Money Transfer from USA to India with Money2India

Are you an NRI looking for a seamless and secure way to transfer money from the USA to India? Look no further than Money2India – the trusted online money transfer service that has been preferred by over a million NRIs for more than a decade. Whether you’re an individual or a business entity in the USA, Money2India offers you a reliable solution to send money to any bank account in India.

**Why Choose Money2India?**

**1. Simple Process:** Sending money has never been easier. If you already have a Money2India account, simply log in and initiate your transfer in just 5 easy steps.

**2. Fast for ICICI Bank NRI Account Holders:** If you hold an ICICI Bank NRI account, you can make use of the NRI Internet Banking to start your money transfer process in 5 straightforward steps.

**3. New Users Welcome:** New to Money2India? No worries. Provide a few details, and you can follow 5 simple steps to send money to India hassle-free.

**The 5 Easy Steps:**

**Step 1: Enter Amount:** Begin by specifying the amount you wish to transfer.

**Step 2: Complete User Profile:** For first-time users, complete your user profile by adding necessary details. This step is slightly different for individual users and business entities. Individuals need to provide a few details, while business users should complete their profile and upload relevant documents.

**Step 3: Add Recipient:** You can either add a new recipient or select an existing one. Then, click ‘Continue’.

**Step 4: Add Bank Account:** Add your bank account details or choose an existing account for making the payment.

**Step 5: Confirm and Pay:** Review your transaction details, confirm, and proceed with the payment.

**What Sets Us Apart?**

– **Competitive Exchange Rates:** Enjoy locked-in and competitive exchange rates for your transactions.

– **Scheduled Transfers:** Automate recurring money transfers by scheduling them in advance.

– **Safe and Secure:** Your transactions are carried out in a safe and secure environment.

– **Wide Payment Options:** Make payments to over 100 entities in India using our service.

– **Zero Transfer Fee:** That’s right, we don’t charge any transfer fees.

**Track Your Transfer Anytime, Anywhere:**

With Money2India, you can track your transfers conveniently, no matter where you are.

**Global Reach:**

Not only from the USA, but you can also transfer money to India from Singapore, UAE, and various other countries.

**Start Sending Money with Ease:**

Experience the convenience of online money transfer with Money2India. Say goodbye to complex processes and high fees. Send money to India from the USA effortlessly, and trust a service that has been serving NRIs with dedication for years.

Don’t miss out on this reliable and cost-effective way to transfer money. Join the millions of satisfied users who have made Money2India their go-to platform for international money transfers.

Send Amount
Exchange Rate
upto 999 USD
81.64 INR
1000 to 1999 USD
81.81 INR
2000 to 9999 USD
81.97 INR
10000 USD and above
82.22 INR
Rates are subject to change. Please login to know your best current rate


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